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DC Supplies

DC Supplies

DC Power Supplies

  • DC power Systems for a variety of surface treatment applications like electroplating ( Chrome, Metal refining, etc. which require low ripple, highly efficient, low voltage and high current supplies. There are other applications in electrochemical processes like Elctro Deposition, Chlorination, Hydrogen and Caustic soda, Desalination, Ballast water purification, Battery formation and discharge etc require high power DC supplies.
  • There are a number of other applications such as Battery Charging, lifting magnet supplies, EV charging, Telecom Power supplies, DC DC convertors etc.
  • We offer a complete range of rectifier equipment for all such applications and provides engineering, design and technical support in choosing the right solution/equipment.

Rectifier Systems
(Transformers and Rectifiers)

  • Thyristor (SCR) Control / Diode Rectifier (Air, Water and Oil cooled) 6 and 12 pulse control.
  • The Rectifier output can be controlled using SCR at primary or secondary of the Transformer.
  • It can be provided with 6, 12 & 24 Pulse configuration.
  • Alternate polarity with programmable time functionality.
  • Options with Primary Variac control with diode rectifier for low voltage systems.
  • Paralleling of units possible with current sharing for higher currents
  • Voltage Input: LT 41 5V +/- 10% and HT upto 33kV, 3 phase, 50Hz.
  • Output Voltage:  12 to 750Volts.
  • Output Current: 100 to 10,000A. Paralleling of units possible with current sharing for higher currents.

IGBT Based PWM Rectifiers

  • IGBT based PWM converter technology and digitally controlled based on DSP platform, providing accurate and the desired steady performance. Low inrush current and short circuit proof.
  • Highly efficient (>90%), compact design, low weight.
  • Input current harmonics <5% and near unity input PF. 25A to 400A modules with Hot swappable provision. Parallel operation possible.
  • Excellent Transient Response & Recovery.
  • Advanced Battery Charging Management
  • Windows based SNT software for maintenance and feedback.
  • Highly customizable system with user defined Diagnostics and Monitoring Facility
  • RS485 and advanced communication options with Remote monitoring option.
  • Seismically qualified and tested systems for Nuclear / Atomic Centre installations.
  • Large user interface used for larger ratings
  • Compact 19-inch design of AD 7000W to AD35000W converters units can be configured also in the redundant systems using the N+1 principle with active current sharing. from water and dust). Special executions for corrosive conditions.
  • Enclosure protection class options up to IP65 (outdoor installable, fully protected

Battery Charger

Suitable for all kinds of batteries like Lead Acid Tubular, Lead Acid Plante, VRLA, Ni-cd, Lithium Battery ( programs based on type of battery used)


The configurations allow for simultaneous operation of supplying the load and the automatic charging of the battery either in float or boost mode. The battery feeds the load when main supply is not there.

It supplies DC Power to Load and Battery simultaneously. While charging the battery, the same voltage will be fed to load. Capacity shall be charging current +load current depends on battery capacity.

Load Voltage can be maintained through tap cell which is in option

In this scheme Float rectifier will feed the DC power to load and FCBC will charge the battery. If FC fails FCBC will feed the power to load and charge the battery simultaneously. Load voltage will be maintained constant through tap cell. 

In this scheme both FCBC will deliver the load and battery . If any one fails other will take the functions of both load and charging the battery 

In this scheme for a single load we have the two sets of FCBC and Battery bank for redundancy purpose. Load voltage will be maintained through tap cell from both the chargers through contactors.

This is the true 100% redundancy for different loads with 2 sets of battery and FCBC. Both load voltage will be maintained constant through tap cell from independent chargers.

This chargers feeds the contant voltage to the load at the time of charging the battery through Chopper which operates at high frequency. FCBC charges the battery and feed the power to load. Load voltage will be the float voltage and battery voltage will be boost charge voltage.

Lifting Magnet Supplies

In Iron & Steel facilities, iron and steel materials are carried with magnet lifts and these magnet lifts require DC voltage which is supplied by Magnet Lift Rectifiers. Magnet Lift Rectifiers are designed for heavy duty use and consist of IGBT bridges to convert AC input to DC. An isolation High Frequency transformer is applied for best immunity to mains disturbance and galvanic isolation to the DC branch.


  • Reliable Industrial Topology with High Frequency IGBT PWM Rectifier
  • Galvanic Isolation with HF transformer
  • Triple conversion with maximum Efficiency
  • Powerfactor better than 0.95 lag
  • Suitable for operation with /without Battery due to fully regulated system
  • Suitable for vast range of Lifting Magnets.
  • Instant Demagnetization via Reverse Voltage apply by IGBT Bridge.

Rectifiers for CED

CED Rectifier
  • Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) is a process of coating an object having a conductive surface connected to a circuit as the cathode, by positively charged paint particles suspended in aqueous medium, under direct current. CED coating is most widely used for the inner coating of exposed surfaces to help them withstand harsh environmental conditions and to provide a long life. Typical applications are for the chassis of Buses, Trucks, Cars, Tractors and earth moving machinery. They are also used for Automobile components like bumpers, Wheels etc. and while goods such as refrigerators, washing machines etc.
  • This requires a controlled DC supply with suitable voltage profiles to suit a variety of chassis and to ensure a uniform coating also in difficult to access places. These systems have to be interlocked with the plant DCS systems and the mechanical transport systems, to optimise the production. Before entering the tank for CED the parts are chemically cleaned and washed. After the coating the parts are taken for baking of the paint.
  • Autodata CED rectifier systems are IGBT based high frequency systems that are digitally controlled with good man machine interface. These systems offer different communication protocols to connect to other plant operational systems ensuring smooth plant level integration.
  • They employ intelligent algorithms to allow for live as well as dead entry of the components in the paint tank. They also cater to a various rating of voltage (up to 450V DC) and currents up to 700Amps.
  • Higher ratings can be offered on request.
  • Autodata has a unique current sharing technology and also offers systems with an “N+1“concept to ensure trouble free continuous operation. All this is done with a very high efficiency, high power factor and low harmonic distortion. The components are generously designed to ensure a low temperature rise and are suitable for operation at 50⁰ C with no deration.