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Particulate emission control

Protecting the environment is our collective responsibility.

We used our expertise in power electronics and embedded system design to develop the first ESP controls in late 2003. Now we developed of our own  Calculus™ DSP controller with this controller  more than 1000 successful installation done with in a 3 years time  . As we strengthened our product portfolio we partnered with arguably the best name in the business, NWL that is renowned for making the most sophisticated High Frequency TR power supply (HFTR SMPS) in the world.

There are 3 areas that we work in to reduce the particulate pollutants given out by these large power plants, cement plants, sugarcane plants.
  • 1Φ TR and TRCC voltage rating 90kV/95kV/110kV/120kV and current rating 100mA to 2000mA
  • 3Φ TR and TRCC voltage rating 95kV/110kV and current rating 100mA to 2000mA
  • PowerPlus High Frequency Transformer Rectifier advance technology for stringent application. Voltage rating 70kV/83kV/100kV and Current rating 60mA to 2460mA

Product Highlight (Line Frequency)

  • Compact Design. Occupies less floor space.
  • Low Loss Design. Less temperature rise.
  • Very high Efficiency.
  • Higher grade material used.
  • Conventional / Hermetically sealed design.
  • HVR with inbuilt / External Earthing Switch.
  • Mineral Oil / Silicon Oil filled HVR.
  • Rectifier diode with avalanche characteristic
  • DSP control
  • Man Machine Interface
  • Advanced control features

Working Range: 75kV to 120kV; 100 to 2500mA
Features: Economical
Significantly more advanced than the incumbent ESP technology in India
Reduced Voltage Stress on Transformer winding
Designed for easy servcing
ERDA surge voltage tested.
• Zero sensing detection of input power within the DSP
• Independent controlled firing for all 3 phases
• Auto mode and 3 phase IE mode
• Back Corona detection and correction
• Pure digital control , not just a phase shifted analog card
• NWL register map for compatible communications

Working Range: 80kV to 95kV; 300 to 2500mA
Features: Lower Ripple, Better Collection Efficiency
Better Power Factor
Easy Serviceability
3.3ms Response & Unique 3Ø IE with Calculus Controller
Lower life cycle costs compared to 1Ø Phase.

PowerPlus Series High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supplies (NWL, USA)

PowerPlus is the culmination of over 18 years of development of power supplies for electrostatic precipitator applications. NWL’s units use advanced switch mode power conversion techniques and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) controls to achieve the highest levels of ESP power supply performance.

Why Choose NWL PowerPlus™

  • NWL has over 50 years of industrial power supply experience.
  • NWL have been providing Power for ESPs since 2000. Longer than any other independent ESP power supply company. Over 4000 units sold.
  • PowerPlus is a sealed unit (IP56) system. Keeps moisture and dust out.
  • Impingement cooling of inverter; proven to be more reliable; no filters, pumps, or cooling fluids.
  • NWL has the widest power range in the market- from 60 to 2860ma and 70, 83 and 100kV.
  • Open communication protocol can interface with all popular approach plant DCS systems.
  • Robust steel, all-in-one transformer and controller design provides fasterand easier installation.
  • NWL’s Global Display Unit (GDU) combines ease of use and display of detailed information.

Key Features of PowerPlus

Three Phase Power Input
• Perfect balance of the load to the line
• Power factor >.95 from 10-90% power

Power Control by Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors provide very fast shutoff.
• Very fast arc and spark response
• Better control of Intermittent Energization (IE)
• Less stored energy fed back to the power system
• Less damage to the ESP internals and circuitry

High Frequency Power Conversion
• Allows much smaller transformer/rectifier tank than single or three phase units.
• Low ripple DC output increases the average KV to the field resulting in higher collection efficiency.

Integrated Control & Transformer Rectifier
• Eliminates the need for a remote control room
• Reduces initial cost of installation.

Watson (Electrostatic Precipitator Management Software)

Very effective integration with ESP Monitoring and optimization systems. Suitable for large plant installations. The most modern and upto date ESP monitoring and optimization software operating on the latest OS.
  • Web browser based access from virtually and machine on the local network
  • Robust and secure Server-Client architecture
  • Moderns "What-You-see-is-what-you-get"(WYSWYG) interface that is designed to require no Manual.
  • Scalable Vector Graphis (SVG) art allows content to scale on any size of screen
  • Provides data in convenient charts and graphs to analyze performance.
  • Optional Energy management software (EMS) add-on module

Why have a WatsonTM web-client SCADA?

  • Intuitive interface WYSIWYG
  • Operator becomes intelligent
  • Scripting is powerful
  • Energy cost is known
  • Efficient green technology
  • Web client accessed from any PC on the local network.

Retrofit - Fast & Economical solution

Retrofitting can improve overall functionality of an existing system, by using our advanced and updated equipment and technology
  • Less expensive
  • Reduce site work
  • Availability for long term Spare parts

ESP Control Products

  • DSP controller far more effective than conventional Microprocessor controllers
  • The TMS320F28 Texas Instruments DSP based electronic controller with fast analog sampling and High Resolution.
  • Current or voltage control loop with programmable value with time, available as programmable recipes.
  • Structured software architecture
  • Effective and fast response algorithms
  • VI curve ploting
  • Current balance detection for 1ɸ and 3ɸ units
  • Per Phase current monitoring
  • Back Corona detection and choice of subsequent operations. Selectable pre-programmed response.
  • Ease of operation
  • Built in motorized rapper controls available at a license fee.
  • More communication options. Allows easy integration with larger and superior plant control architectures.
  • Control from Haddock 7" color touch screen HMI
  • Only 3ø controller with 3ø IE mode
  • SMD version components with industrial grade for reliable operation in higher ambient temperature
  • USP: Common controller for 1ø & 3ø with upgrade path

Haddock (Human Machine Interface)

  • 7" wide graphic TFT display Color touchscreen (65,536 colors)
  • VI Curves, Parameter trending
  • Alarm History
  • Bar Graphs
  • Multi-level user login
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple fields in a pass
  • 800 X 480-pixel resolution.
  • LED backlight
  • Backlighting life is 60,000 Hrs

Snowy (Human Machine Interface)

  • 4.3" Color tochscreen display
  • VI Curves, Parameter trending
  • Alarm History
  • Bar Graphs
  • Multi-level user login
  • Monitoring of single field
  • 800 X 480-pixel resolution.
  • LED backlight
  • Backlighting life is 60,000 Hrs