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PowerPlus is the culmination of over 18 years of development of power supplies for electrostatic precipitator applications. NWL’s units use advanced switch mode power conversion techniques and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) controls to achieve the highest levels of ESP power supply performance. 
Key Features of PowerPlus Why it Matters?
Three Phase Power Input
  • Perfect balance of the load to the line
  • Power factor>.95 from 10.90% power
Power Control by Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors provide very fast shutoff.
  • Very fast arc and spark response
  • Better control of Intermittent Energization(IE)
  • Less stored energy fed back to the power system
  • Less damage to the ESP internals and circuitry
High Frequency Power Conversion
  • Allows much smaller transformer/rectifier tank than single or three phase units.
  • Low ripple DC output increases the average KV to the field resulting in higher collection efficiency.
tegrated Control & Transformer Rectifier
  • Eliminates the need for a remote control room
  • Reduces initial cost of installation.

Single and three phase systems operating at 50 or 60hz are controlled by silicon controlled rectifiers whose fastest response time is 8.3-10 milliseconds. Single phase transformer rectifiers have a very high ripple on the KDVC, while three phase ripple is closer to that of a switch mode power supply.* The PowerPlus also offer a higher power factor which represents a more efficient use of the power needed to energize the field. The four primary improvements from conventional TRS to PowerPlus are:

Faster spark response
Higher KV average delivered to the precipitator field
Significantly better power factor from 10-100% load results in less input kVA to provide the same output power.
Integrated control design with Anybus communication protocol

*While 3 phase TRs do provide improved power factor over conventional TRs, they are still controlled at 50 or 60hz with power regulation using silicon controlled rectifiers, and their transformer rectifier is actually larger than a comparable single phase unit. Additionally, the power factor is only high and the ripple is only low when these units operate at or near their nameplate rating.

  •  NWL has over 50 years of industrial power supply experience.
  •  NWL have been providing Power for ESPs since 2000. Longer than any other independent ESP power supply company. Over 4000 units sold.
  •  PowerPlus is a sealed unit (IP56) system. Keeps moisture and dust out.
  •  Impingement cooling of inverter; proven to be more reliable; no filters, pumps, or cooling fluids.
  •  NWL has the widest power range in the market- from 60 to 2860ma and 70, 83 and 100kV.
  •  Open communication protocol can interface with all popular approach plant DCS systems.
  •  Robust steel, all-in-one transformer and controller design provides faster and easier installation
  •  NWL’s Global Display Unit (GDU) combines ease of use and display of detailed information
Site: Midwestern U.S. Power Generating Station Application: Coal fired boiler Situation: 100MW cyclone fired boiler burning Powder River Basin Coal with an Alstom four field, single chamber ESP. With SO3 injection the plant was running 0.02 lbs/mmbtu PM outlet at full load. Equipment Provided: 3 each 105KW PowerPlus and 1 each 120KW PowerPlus, integration into plant DCS and PCAMs. Installed in the spring of 2015. Results: After the installation of the PowerPlus units, the unit is running 0.0045 lbs/ mmbtu at the same boiler load with no SO3 injection. This enabled the plant to retire the SO3 conditioning system and operate within compliance of the MATS requirements. Customer Benefits: Reduced cost of operating by elimination of the conditioning system and lower kva to energize the precipitator. Additionally, environmental compliance through reduced outlet particulate matter and mercury emissions. 
Site: Taiwanese Power Generating Station  Application: Coal fired boiler  Situation: ESP originally designed for 50mg/m3 operating at 71mg/m3 due to mechanical damage in the inlet and second fields. The plant was being required to meet a new requirement for 15 mg/m3 outlet emissions. Equipment Provided: New electrodes for the inlet and second fields, also 2 each PowerPlus and integration into plant DCS. Results: After the installation of the PowerPlus units, the unit is running 6 mg/m3. The plant also experienced a reduction of 46.6% in the kva to the produce the power to the precipitator, thus providing a continuous payback stream for this project as well as regulatory compliance. Customer Benefits: Reduced cost of operating by lower kva to energize the precipitator. Additionally, environmental compliance through reduced outlet particulate matter emissions.
Site: Indonesian Smelting plant Application: Copper smelting operation Situation: Both the smelting and converter ESPs were operating with obsolete control and transformers. Equipment Provided: A decision was made to replace just the inlet fields with two 105KW class PowerPlus units. The units were also supplied with remote GDUs (Global Display Units) for control and data collection. Results: After installing the two units, the power levels supplied to the ESP increased 1661% and 114% respectively. This significant power improvement provided better cleaning of the gas stream and better capture of the product. Customer Benefits: Improve awareness through more significant data captured and displayed. Higher particulate capture rate at the ESP and higher quality product captured by the system. 
NTPC – Badarpur Thermal Power Station, 200MW unit revamp.
83kV/1445mA/120kW 480V Input with Auto Transformer Reduction far from acceptable levels to about 35mg per Nm3. In two ESPs each fitted with 16nos PowerPlusTM HFTRs

Tata Steel – Jamshedpur in Sinter Plant.
Replaced existing European High Voltage pulse Technology units with PowerPlusTM. resulting reduction in emission from about 80mg to about 45mg per Nm3. Repeat orders for more sinter plants from the same client.

Ambuja Cement – Rabriyawas Clinker Cooler
83kV/1205mA/100kW, 415V Input with one PowerPlusTM unit, reduction in dust levels to less than 30mg per Nm3.

Nuvoco Cement – Arasmetha plant Clinker Cooler
83kV/1265mA/105kW with one PowerPlusTM unit, reduction in dust levels from 56 to 23mg per Nm3.

KCP Cement – Clinker Cooler
83kV/1205mA/100kW, 415V Input with one PowerPlusTM unit reduction in dust levels from 61 to an average of 26mg per Nm3.

Galaxy Surfactants Wet Process ESP used for SO2 and Sulphuric acid recovery.
Country-Voltage KV Individual MA Unit Models Temperature Certifications
380 83 665 / 1110 / 1520 / 1930 40°C None
380 100 920 / 1260/ 1610 40°C None
400 70 400 / 645 / 800 / 1200 / 1370 / 1830* / 2285* 40°C CE
400 83 335 / 540 / 675 / 1010 / 1155 / 1540* / 1930* 40°C CE
400 100 840 / 960 / 1280 / 1620 40°C CE
415 70 1430 / 1975 / 2460 50°C None
415 83 1205 / 1665 / 2075 50°C None
480 70 400 / 500 / 800 / 1000 / 1500 / 1715 / 2285* / 2860* 40°C UL, cUL
480 83 335 / 420 / 675 / 840 / 1265 / 1445 / 1930* / 2410* 40°C UL, cUL
480 100 1050 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000 40°C UL, cUL
400-480 70 60 / 120 / 245 / 300 40°C UL, cUL, CE
400-480 83 50 / 100 / 205 / 255 40°C UL, cUL, CE
* Unit has not been certified.
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