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Autodata offers Heater Controllers catering to a wide range of applications. These Heater controllers are available in Analog and Digital type, Integral cycle and Phase angle control. They are available in single, two and three phase executions. Over 4000 installations of units across the country to control the power input to heating elements in accordance with the control requirements. Digital designs are offered with very advanced and unique features such as recording, master slave operation, profile setting, communication etc.

Unique software for Heat Treatment Process with different Profiles which optimizes the utilization of the entire heat treatment shop with multiple furnaces ensuring maximum throughput and detailed records of the individual heats with time temperature profiles of the set and actual values is maintained. Batch details, alarm history with date and time stamp history allows for detailed analysis and continuous improvements

A number of furnaces can be monitored from a single place. The details such as which stage each furnace is in, remaining time, details of the charges in individual furnaces, the plotting of the temperatures, the choice of the temperature time profile, utilization of the furnaces, consumption details etc can be recorded for each charge.

This system can also be monitored from remote locations through web connectivity and data exchange with plant ERP software.

Recipe based operation that makes it less operator dependant. Allows for different options on resumption of power if there has been a failure. Alarm reports and summary. Seamless export and replay of data collected. Master slave operation possible.

This system generates reports of the charge details, time stamp, Operator in charge, and temperature vs time profiles.