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Autodata offers Heater Controllers catering to a wide range of applications. These Heater controllers are available in Analog and Digital type, Integral cycle and Phase angle control. They are available in single, two and three phase executions. Over 4000 installations of units across the country to control the power input to heating elements in accordance with the control requirements. Digital designs are offered with very advanced and unique features such as recording, master slave operation, profile setting, communication etc.

Celsius is a Thyristor Power Controller with communication capability. It may be employed in any place where voltage, current or power has to becontrolled or regulated in processing technology. Several modes of operation and control, good coupling ability to process and automation technology, high control precision by application of a32 bit RISC processor and simple handling ensure that Celsius is suitable for new applications aswell. Celsius is suitable for
  • Resistive Loads
  • Glass Loads
  • As primary Power Controller for a transformer with subsequent load